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  • Professional Swimming Lessons
  • Academic Tour at Uganda Wild Life Entebbe
  • Academic Tour at Kajjansi Airstrip
  • Drop Everything And Read Day
  • Academic Expo 2023 Learners present practical activities
  • Ballet Lessons at the school premises
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Gombe Education Service (GES) includes:
Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery school, Gombe Junior School, and St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School. It is the policy of the education service to organize an annual brand activity which brings all the schools together under a particular theme. However, annually, GES shall be holding a SCIENCE EXPO.
This year, the education service held a “SCIENCE, MATHS & ART Expo”under the theme:“Science in Skilling Uganda”.
This has been aimed at:
1. Assessing the holistic and continously enriched curriculum offered,
2. Igniting & appreciating learners’ creativity & innovation, and
3. Creating a multi-talented employable workforce.
The science expo has been organised under various sub themes including: waste managment, eco-friendly homes, science innovations, technology/robotics, communication, building engineering, applied mathematics & business and art, putting into consideration the aspect of originality.
The government’s desire to skill Ugandans coupled with our quest to be a center for science and making global impact motivated this year’s theme. We hope that, with such avenues, we shall empower our learners to be ready to solve problems and also build capacity that will later skill others out there.
The Directors have introduced awards for various categories to inspire more innovations and involvement of all our learners. They are to be adjudicated by the SESMAT team. To ensure full scale involvement, the awards shall be given to groups, and exceptional contribution shall be recognized. The education service has invited UGANDA NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (UNCST) as a beef up team. Thank you so much, Directors, for the visionary leadership!
It’s our sincere hope that your experience in the expo shall  be beneficial and; thus, make education more meaningful.
Therefore, we congratulate our learners and staff upon all the endeavours to create, innovate and showcase great ideas.
Thank you!
GES Expo Cordination Team.

WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATIONS 2020 - Children celebrated their International Women's Day 2020. Happy Women's Day Mothers of the nation! #EachforEqual #IWD2020.

MIDDLE AND TOP CLASS PRESENTATIONS - Parents and children’s presentations for  Middle and Top Classes  were a strong union between parents, teachers and children.   The Top Class presentation was about types of clothes and when they are worn, while the Middle Class presented about the types of food and how useful they are to their bodies.   Principal Norah Nabingi thanked all parents who made it for the presentations and requested them to always practice such holistic parenting.

VALENTINE'S DAY CELEBRATIONS 2020 - Celebrations for Valentine's Day were in high gear at Scooby-Doo Daycare & Nursery School. It was attended by the Princial, teachers and learners who participated in making lovely cards to their parents as a sign to showing them love on this special day. 

BABY CLASS PARENTS PRESENTATIONS - Parents’ presentation on fruit for  Baby Class was a bonding day’s activity.   The parents and children presented about fruit, how useful they are to our bodies through composed songs and poems.   We thank all parents who made it for the presentation.

BEGINNING OF TERM ONE 2020 - The first term of the academic year 2020 officially opened and children reported in big numbers .Thumbs up to all parents who reported in time. We pray to the Almighty God to help us complete the term and year successfully.

WIDENING OUR INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIONS - Widening our International collaborations. After hosting our UK partners last week, they have had interaction with pupils and staff at the Scooby-Doo. Our new partners have come from Churchdown Village Infant School UK.

A CENTRE FOR HOLISTIC EDUCATION - Widening our International collaborations. After hosting our UK partners last week, they have had interaction with pupils and staff at the Scooby - Doo. Our new partners have come from Churchdown Village Infant School UK.

PARENTS CLASS PRESENTATIONS - It was a great bonding activity to have parents spearhead as the day's teachers on different projects i.e. Means of Transport for a baby class, Gardening for the middle class and animal skittles for the top class. We thank all parents who made it on the days for the class presentations for the great work "You're so Supper".

SCOOBY DOO TOP CLASS ENROLLS FOR P1 2020 -  It was fun and interesting for our little angels doing their interviews to join Primary Oneat Gombe Junior School. After doing their interviews, children enjoyed ice cream, apples, and cakes from the admissions office.

BEGINNING OF TERM III 2019 - We officially opened for Term III studies 2019. Being a promotional term, we pray to the Almighty God to help us complete the term and year successfully

ANNUAL PARENTS' MEETING -   It was such a pleasure hosting parents in a meeting. It was such a great time having parents interact with the school Administration as we both heard from each other. In the meeting, some parents took positions of Class Executives per class. We are dearly looking forward to working closely with you for the success of Scooby-Doo Daycare & Nursery school.

PARENTS' PRESENTATION DAYS - We would love to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dear Parents for honoring our invitation to be part of our presentations. It was fun and interesting for our little angels seeing their Parents presenting before them.

GES GAMES GALA 2019 - It was a fun-packed day as Gombe Education Service (GES) which comprises four institutions, (Scooby-Doo Daycare & Nursery School, Gombe Junior Day School, Gombe Junior Boarding School, and St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School - Kawaala)  was having its first of its kind Games Gala at African Bible University Lubowa.Many activities featured in the day including football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, bicycle races, motor-cross bikes among many more others.Great thanks to whoever came ....

CELEBRATING WOMEN'S DAY - You have everything in you and that's the reason why the world is celebrating you! So follow your dreams... and make them come true! Happy Women’s Day Mothers of the nation!

OUR NEW SCHOOL UNIFORM - Our new school Uniform with new colors Cream and Maroon 

OUR NEW GIRLS' SPORTS WEAR - Scooby-Doo Daycare & Nursery School new girls' sports wear!

SWIMMING LESSON IN PROGRESS - Children enjoying swimming lessons

WATER PLAY FACILITY - Our Children enjoying Water Play time 

XMAS PARTY 2018 - Christmas Party 2018

DIRECTORS' FAREWELL PARTY - Directors' farewell party for GES Candidates 2018 (Scooby-Doo Daycare & Nursery School, Gombe Junior School and St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School). Thanks to the Directors for the love. May the good Lord reward you.

BALLET TIME - children enjoying ballet lesson

SWIMMING TIME - it is swimming here at scooby

VISITATION DAY - Open days are Thursday 6th and Friday 7th April 2017. All Parents are expected to come and check on their child/ren's progress. Children whose parents/Guardians won't show up will not be picked up on Monday.Thank You.

PARTNER SCHOOL IN EXCHANGE - Our partner school Happy Hours ( KIIT World Schools) and our children will be making an exchange of them making Easter cards,Easter Egg etc... This type of exchange exposes kids to know about other days celebrated in other countries as they also learn how we celebrate our special days in Uganda.

ATTENDINDING KABAKA'S BIRTHDAY - The Gombe Education Brand Brass band Schools ( Scooby-Doo Day Care and Nursery School, Gombe Junior School and Gombe High School) entertained The Kabaka of Buganda and his people at Lubiri High school Buloba Campus. Happy Birthday Ssabasajja. Wangaala ayi Beene.

PARENTS' PRESENTATION - We would love to extend our heart felt appreciation to Paradise Class Parents for honouring our invitation to be part of today's  presentation. It was fun and interesting for our little angels seeing their Parents presenting before them. 

USE OF SMARTBOARDS -  Children enjoying their lessons by the use of Smartboards.

PARENTS' PRESENTATION - Dear Parent / Guardian, This is to remind you that presentation on “ DIFFERENT PROFESSIONS AND TRANSPORT MEANS” by parents and children of Twinkle Ducklings and Sparrows will take place on Friday 21, July 2017.  VENUE:  Dining HallTIME:   10:00am - 11:30am. Thank you. MANAGEMENT.

VISITORS FROM BURUNDI - In a bid to widen our International Teritories, we have hosted our partner School (Ecole de Référence de Matana Amie des Enfants) from Burundi to strengthen our collaboration and partnership ties.

TWINKLE CLASS PRESENTATION ON PROFESSIONS - Today we had our Twinkle class presentation on Professions by parents and children .To all Parents that managed to make have done us proud...Thank you so much.

GOOGLE TOOL TRAINING - Gombe Education Service ( Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School, Gombe Junior School and Gombe High School)participated in a 3 day Google tools training that was held at our sister school  Gombe High School Kawaala.

CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS PARTY 2017 - Celebrating Christmas Party @ Scooby-Doo!😁😁😁

TOP CLASS PASS OUT - A jollyful Graduation Party for the Scooby-Doo Top Class (Sky-Class) children. We wish you the best as you join the Primary Section. We love you our babies!

VISIT OF A DIPLOMAT FROM THE INDIAN COMMIS - Visit of a Diplomat from the Indian Commision    

OUR DAILY ROUTINE - We thank you all our Dear Parents for entrusting us with your little ones as well as your support towards the school's development. Our daily routine is as follows; 8:00am - 8:45am, children enjoy free play, role play, news, aerobics, revision as well as early morning tea before actual classes start. 8:45am - 10:15am, lessons delivery. 10:15am - 11:00am, break time, free play under teachers' supervision. 11:00am - 12:00pm, lessons continue. 12:30pm - Half day children / learners ....



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