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  • Professional Swimming Lessons
  • Academic Tour at Uganda Wild Life Entebbe
  • Academic Tour at Kajjansi Airstrip
  • Drop Everything And Read Day
  • Academic Expo 2023 Learners present practical activities
  • Ballet Lessons at the school premises
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Term One started on Monday 22nd February 2016. It will  also be our Fun Day. Children just basically have fun and interact freely with the environment and peers.

SCHOOL BACKGROUND - The school is located in Kikajjo off Katale-Kasenge road. It was started as a private school in 2013 and admits children of 6 months - 2.7years (Daycare) and 3 - 6 years (Normal school program).      

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY - MOTTO: "How do they do it?". VISION: "At the helm of producing competent, responsible, self-reliant and flexible citizens". MISSION: "To provide quality holistic education that fosters creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to produce competent global citizens". CORE VALUES: God Fearing Respect Integrity  Team work Integrity Excellence WHAT MAKES SCOOBY-DOO A UNIQUE CENTER/SCHOOL? The location of the center is traffic free and fresh. The facilities are child fr ....

SCHOOL OBJECTIVES - To encourage creativity and build confidence. To help children to interact well with the peers and environment. To bring up a clear minded, analytical, creative and loving person. To equip children with skills that nourish the body. To train children and develop them socially. To equip children with practical skills to excel in future life. To bring up respectful children. To train up children to grow a healthy relationship with God the Creator. To train children life skills and values ....

DAYCARE SCHEDULE -  We pick children  from their doors and we also make a door-door delivery. Day care children take part in different activities that will be directed by teachers according to age. Some of these activities include: Water Play Sand Play Swimming House created games Role Play Watching Singing Dancing Running, Playing with material in their categories Sharing Table manners Speech development exercise

SERVICES' REGULATIONS - SERVICES' REGULATIONS 1. WORKING HOURS   The centre is open from 6:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Sunday, but still parents can contact the centre for any help about the child at any time for assistance or inquiry. The child should always be picked in time as planned for and in case of any delays unexpected; communication should be made in time. 2. MEDICAL CARE The parents should avail the administration of the Centre with all necessary information about the child's health so tha ....



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